Steroid Cycles for Bulking: Everything You Need to Know When Bodybuilding

Even experienced users can get stuck feeling that they aren’t making progress or that their body is plateauing when it comes to bulking up and bodybuilding. This article will go through the optimum steroid cycle for seasoned users aiming to bulk up fast.

This steroid cycle is designed for bodybuilders and athletes who have previously used anabolic steroids for several months. This cycle will assist inexperienced steroid users in increasing strength and muscular endurance while also encouraging new muscle growth.

For the purposes of this essay, we will presume that any readers who are taking a vacation from anabolic steroids have already completed a few successful bulking periods. This cycle’s purpose is to enhance growth while minimizing negative repercussions. Continue reading to learn more about this steroid cycle and how to get the most out of it.

What is a steroid cycle, and what does it involve?

Steroids aren’t as straightforward as they appear. Many people believe that taking as much as possible of the medicine will yield the best outcomes. This is simply not the case.

Bodybuilders and athletes who are new to anabolic steroids should adhere to tried-and-true bulking stacks until they have a deeper understanding of the sport. Even advanced users should cycle their doses based on their goals for the optimum outcomes. It’s also worth noting that repeatedly injecting the same location of the body can result in scarring.

This steroid cycle will be divided into two phases, with the first consisting of eight weeks of daily steroid injections. The second phase lasts four months and consists of injections every other day as well as the occasional oral dose.

Why should steroids be used in cycles?

Anabolic steroid cycles are utilized for the same reasons that any other drug is. This is done to prevent the body from becoming accustomed to the effects of the steroids and developing resistance to them, causing it to perform less efficiently. Cycled dosage users have higher testosterone levels than non-cycled users.

Bodybuilders often use anabolic steroids in cycles because failure to do so might make recovery extremely difficult. Failure to cycle can result in a variety of problems, including lesions and other health conditions that reduce the steroid’s overall efficacy.

Bodybuilders also cycle their steroid use to minimize negative side effects. Steroids can cause a variety of health issues, including kidney stones and liver damage. Users who cycle their doses correctly may be able to avoid the potential health risks of high steroid doses for an extended period of time.

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Many doctors advise using steroid cycles rather than single dosages. Many doctors, in fact, will only prescribe steroids as part of a cycle, rather than as a one-time use.

Advanced steroid cycle for experienced users


Bodybuilders and athletes have access to a variety of steroid cycles, but not all of them are safe or successful. This steroid cycle is designed for persons who have already utilized steroid cycles and are comfortable bulking up. Although it is intended for guys, ladies are invited to try it as well.

This cycle’s first eight weeks are spent injecting anabolic steroids on a daily basis. After four weeks of no anabolic steroid injections, the second phase lasts four months and includes injections every other day as well as numerous oral doses to build muscle mass.

This cycle focuses mostly on testosterone, the principal androgen in men. This promotes rapid muscular growth by increasing protein synthesis and red blood cell circulation within the muscles. This steroid cycle’s daily doses are quite low in comparison to traditional bulking cycles, yet they will be detectable in even the most basic drug tests.

The steroids needed for this cycle

This steroid cycle necessitates a significant dose of anabolic steroids designed for advanced users. If you’re new here and still reading this, you should stop. This cycle is not for you, and it will be difficult to get back on track. If you require assistance or guidance on how to utilize steroids, you have several possibilities.

Anabolic drugs are required for this cycle:

  • Testosterone Enanthate is well-known for its ease of use and long duration. Its primary function is to aid in muscle growth, strength increases, and rehabilitation. It also boosts users’ libido, which is why it’s found in nearly every steroid cycle for both men and women. Alpha-Pharma, Dragon Pharma, and Thaiger Pharma all sell this steroid.
  • Testosterone Propionate is a steroid used primarily to increase muscle nitrogen retention and decrease muscle fatigue. It is available through Alpha Pharma, British Dragon, and Thaiger Pharma.
  • When compared to other steroids, testosterone phenylpropionate aids in the growth of strength and muscle mass, as well as the improvement of endurance and fat loss. Balkan Pharma, British Dragon, and Organon are among the companies that sell it.
  • Nandrolone Decanoate (also known as Deca): Bodybuilders use this steroid since it has a slow release time, which means they don’t have to inject themselves every day. As a result, Deca is less expensive, as is the fact that it has no major side effects. It’s one of the most often used injectable steroids. Nandrolone Decanoate is available from companies such as Organon and Balkan Pharma.
  • Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise): This steroid is quite similar to Deca, however it is somewhat more androgenic. It works very well when combined with other steroids for mass-building or when used alone for muscle definition. Alpha Pharma, British Dragon, and Organon are among the companies that market it.
  • Anavar (Oxandrolone): Anavar has been shown to aid in fat loss and muscle definition, which is why it is usually combined with other steroids. It is sold by companies such as Balkan Pharmaceuticals and Thaiger Pharma.
  • Stanozolol (Winstrol): For many years, Stanozolol was one of the most popular injectable steroids on the market. It is popular among athletes and bodybuilders since it increases muscular bulk, strength, and endurance while also allowing for speedier recovery from rigorous workout sessions. Dragon Pharma and Balkan Pharmaceuticals provide high-quality stanozolol goods.
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Because each of these anabolic steroids will be injected at different times throughout the cycle, it is critical to carefully follow the recommendations in order to get the most out of this cycle.

How to do this steroid cycle

You should take numerous actions to position yourself for the best possible outcomes. This cycle is broken into three stages: two PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) periods and one “On-Cycle” time; during these periods, you will need to take some additional medications to ensure the cycle’s success.

  • The cycle begins with a loading dose of Test Enanthate to assist your body in dealing with the increased levels of testosterone in your blood. This is typically done immediately following the completion of any Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) interval. Throughout this period, the steroid dosage will be 250mg every other day, for a total of 500mg every week.
  • The second stage is the “on-cycle” period, which lasts six to ten weeks on average. During this time, 250mg of Test Enanthate will be injected every other day, followed by 50mg/day of Testosterone Propionate after 6 weeks. This stage’s total weekly dose is now 500mg.
  • Third Stage: After the “on-cycle” time is gone, the final stage is a PCT period that lasts around 2 or 3 weeks. At that point, your testosterone levels should be back to normal, and you should be able to go about your daily life without experiencing any of the symptoms you experienced before to the cycle. During this time, you will need to take 250iu of HCG every other day for two weeks.
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Depending on your goals and needs, this cycle can be finished in 6 or 8 weeks. It is not recommended that you use it for longer than 8 weeks because you will need to undergo a PCT regimen before beginning another cycle, which is costly.

Possible negative side effects of this steroid cycle


As previously stated, when on a steroid cycle, there is still a chance of having some unpleasant side effects. These are usually minor, but you should be aware of them in order to modify your dosage as needed.

The following are some of the negative reactions:

  • Mood swings: Hormonal fluctuations can induce mood swings.
  • Insomnia: This is mostly caused by the extra energy produced by your increased metabolism; for the vast majority of people, it will go away after a few weeks.
  • Steroid Acne: Throughout this cycle, a shift in lipid production causes acne outbreaks.
  • Reduced libido: This can happen if your testosterone levels are extremely low, so keep an eye on it while on this cycle.

Summary and Conclusion

Many steroids on the market claim to help you bulk up quickly and efficiently, but many of them have dangerous adverse effects. This steroid cycle employs gentler medications with fewer adverse effects. You should be aware of any negative effects and alter your dosage properly to avoid significant problems. This steroid cycle is excellent for bulking up since it employs the best hormone combination at the appropriate dosages.

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