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At Lifestyle Fitness we have classes for all ages and abilities Below you will find a list of all the classes we offer or if you simply need to book a class select the correct link below

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A great way to start a Monday morning. Our Circuit Blast class is 45 minutes of pushing yourself using a variety of equipment. Work at your own pace as you move from station to station.


Pilates is a low impact form of exercise, with slow controlled movements, working on flexibility and strength of the whole body. Pilates emphasises correct postural alignment of spine and hips , core strength and balance.
Suitable for all abilities and a great form of exercise if you have injuries such as lower back pain , shoulder and other joint pain.


Don’t tar all spin classes with the same brush. We pride ourselves on being totally different from other gyms, and offer at least one spin class every day! If you have had a bad spin experience in the past, you can leave it in the past! You will love all our spin instructors and the variation in great music, friendly atmosphere and themed sessions.


This is a great class for people of all ages and abilities. Candice will take you under her wing and make sure you work within your own abilities at all times. If you don’t like fast, high intensity classes, this will be ideal for you.


If you like to work up a sweat, push yourself to your limit and challenge your fitness ability, Hit Fit Boxing will keep you on your toes. This class is non-contact, and involves a mix of boxing combination drills and functional cardiovascular training.


This class is not for the faint hearted, and is not recommended for anyone who has joint, back, or health issues. This is a fast paced, high intensity, high impact class. Suitable to anyone who has a good base level of fitness and is prepared to be pushed to their limit.


This is a great class that will strengthen your back and core, as well as teach you breathing techniques. Doing a combination of yoga, stretching, body strengthening and relaxation, ideal for all abilities and ages.


This is a step class like you’ve never seen it before! There’s not a shred of bright coloured Lycra in sight. A higher intensity class using a fitness step to challenge your legs and cardio fitness. A new addition to the class timetable which is already proving extremely popular.


Lets get the party started. If you don’t want to take yourself too seriously and just have fun, then this class will get your heart beating and work up a sweat! Non-impact, a great class for all ages and abilities.


Strength train your whole body in only 45 minutes. This is a great class for fat burning and is gentle on the joints. Work at your own pace, ideal for absolutely anyone regardless of your fitness levels.


A great class to improve your strength and lifting stamina. Perfect for strengthening your core as well as being low impact and easy on the joints. Work at your own pace knowing you’re in safe hands with our strength coach, Jack.


You will never get bored with this group circuit-based class. You will be encouraged to use battle ropes, sleds, barbells, medicine balls and slam balls to mention just a few. All stations can be easily adapted for all abilities.


Join our fully trained Kettlebell instructor, Mike, for an exciting challenge of a workout. A new addition to the timetable, this class is proving to be very popular with newbies and regulars alike. Learn proper Kettlebell techniques and exercises under a watchful eye.

Legs Bums & Mums

This 6 week course is designed for you and your baby!
Come and workout knowing you baby is safe and in sight.
You must have been signed off by your midwife to attend.
This is a 6 week course run on Mondays and Friday mornings.

Please call if you would like more information or to book on the next course!


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