Yesterday we had an absolutely smashing day raising money for 2 great charities. A total of 38 of our amazing members cycled on the spin bikes for 4 hours each! Our very own bionic man, Dave Rowe did the full 8 hours! How impressive is that for someone with a pacemaker!?

There were some naughty refreshments available for the 5 minute breaks to top up those hard-working muscles, and tea, coffee and juice were poured plentifully throughout the day. The atmosphere in the spin room was so uplifting, with everyone working really hard to keep those pedals going and working just as hard to keep each other going too. It really felt like a great team effort, and we’re so proud of everybody that took part, even those who were poorly.

We did our best to keep the hours flying by, and themed the hours for entertainment. Round 1 was a normal high energy spin, Round 2 turned into a sing-a-long, Round 3 was a general knowledge quiz pitting one side of the room against the other in teams, and finally Round 4 was spinners requests and a mega last push where everyone gave every last ounce of pedal power they had left.

The fundraising target we set for ourselves is quite high, but we’re feeling very hopeful that we are going to smash it out of the park (or should we say Velodrome!) We can’t wait to make our donations to The Danny Green Fund  who help families of children with brain tumours to get through such a tough time, and to the Basildon Cardio-thoracic Rehabilitation Centre who help people to recover and improve their lives after heart and lung disease or surgery have incapacitated them.

We are still tallying up all the sponsorship money from everyone, so if you’d like to make a donation please do contact us and let us know! We know the recipients of the donations will be so very grateful and we can’t wait to hand over those cheques.

This morning there are 39 people on Canvey Island with sore legs, aching joints and rather tender bottoms, but who should also have an enormous feeling of pride for accomplishing such an amazing thing.

Above: Morning finishers, Below: Evening finishers

Hopefully we’ll see you all again at the next fundraiser!!!!

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