Raising funds for ‘One Love Soup Kitchen’ who provide support, shelter and hot meals for homeless people.

This special session will be held on Sunday 10th November 12:30 – 1:45pm

There will be no set charge for attending this class, instead we are asking for donations towards the charity and the good work they do. If you are unable to attend this class, please feel free to make a donation separately.

Please book with Reception to secure your space.

Karma Yoga is the yogic path of kindness in action, without attachment or expectation (APARIGRAHA) for reward of the act.

Class Details

The class will be a YIN YOGA lesson, a slow-paced style of yoga, suitable for all levels. Postures (ASANAS) are held for approximately 2 minutes in a seated or reclined position. YIN YOGA works deeply into the muscle’s connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and fascia; increasing circulation and flexibility. It is also a deeply meditative approach to yoga, bringing awareness within towards inner peace and silence.

Class Content

Breath Control (PRANYAMA)

Postures (ASANAS)

Meditation and deep relaxation (YOGA NIDRA)

What to Bring

  • Yourself
  • A donation for charity
  • A Yoga mat and if you have one a pillow, cushion or light blanket


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